What You Need to do After Buying a House

//What You Need to do After Buying a House
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What You Need to do After Buying a House

Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or have bought before, there is a lot to consider when buying a house, both before and after you sign the paperwork.

Preparing for the financial pain and physical strain of buying and moving into a new house is just as important as preparing for what to do after buying a house. Your home buying experience can be affected by the things you do and the things you don’t do. Don’t procrastinate, put a list together and get a head start on your move.

Before moving everything into your new home, hire a professional cleaning service to perform a deep clean of the entire house.

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Even though your new place may look clean, there may be something they missed or somewhere they didn’t clean. A typical cleaning can cost up to $200 but is a valuable investment. Performing a deep clean after you move in is a lot more difficult. Don’t take the risk and sleep with confidence that your new place is as clean as new.

You’ll want to set up utilities such as water, electricity, and cable before you move in, this will allow for an easier and more comfortable transition.

Contact your local utilities to set up or transfer services, some may be done quickly, but others can take time so be sure to address this at least a week before you move in. Research competitors to get a good deal and price, you may also want to check with your new neighbors for advice. And remember to cancel the utilities in the house you’re leaving.

Contact the post office to request a change of address and be sure to inform everyone about your move and provide him or her with your new address.

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You will also need to update online accounts and contact your bank and other companies to provide them with your new address as well.

A safe and secure home is important, especially if you are new to the neighborhood. Install a home security system that you can control and monitor. Most new homes may already be equipped with a security system, check that the system works properly and contacts the authorities in case of an emergency. Older homes may need an upgrade to an existing system or may not have one at all. Contact local home security companies to get a bid, they may have a ‘move-in’ special you can take advantage of. When they install the system, have the technician go over the details with you so that you can manage it yourself. A quality security system can range from $50 – $100 per month.

Unless you are buying a new home, change the locks before you move in.

This can add further security and peace of mind to your new home. The average cost of new locks is about $50 each. You should also reprogram your garage door so that it only works with your remotes.

In certain states, homeowners can fill out and submit a homestead form to the local government. This is an exemption that allows homeowners to protect the value of their residence from creditors and property taxes. It also protects a surviving spouse if the other homeowner passes away. There are many homestead exceptions, such as for veterans and senior citizens.

Last, but not least, go out and meet your neighbors.

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There is a lot you can learn about your new community from the neighbors, so take a stroll and get acquainted. They may have children, can inform you about local restaurants, and help with directions.

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