Superstitions About Moving into a New House

//Superstitions About Moving into a New House
  • Superstitions About Moving into a New House

Superstitions About Moving into a New House

Nothing is more frustrating than finally realizing your dream and not being able to enjoy it. For homeowners looking to sell, this nightmare can become an all too familiar reality. The real estate market is a fickle one. When it’s good, it’s good. But when it’s not—well that can get in the way of new home dreams.

The stress of an unsold home can become an insurmountable burden, with many owners wondering if they’ll ever get their houses off the market. Before long, superstitions about moving into a new home begin to creep in.

But fear not! Housso has a few remedies to move you forward and ease your mind.

Here are some of our favorites rituals to get the market moving and buyers into their dream homes:

Power in Numbers

Most people have a least one or two lucky numbers that they firmly trust. Whether those numbers are used for lottery tickets or on the strip in Las Vegas, most people believe their luck lies in a numerical value. Even in real estate, this superstition holds true.

When it comes to buying and selling a home, the numbers four and thirteen have been associated with bad luck, with thirteen being more obvious as a universally distrusted number. Seven and eight, however, are thought to bring good fortune. The superstition claims that lucky numbers should be incorporated into the asking price of a home.

Superstitions About Moving into a New House

Smells in the Home

There’s no denying that the scent of a room can quickly change our perception of a space, no matter how nice it is. And here at Housso, we know a thing or two about ambiance. When it comes to superstitions, several homeowners have embraced the practice of baking cookies right before a walk-through.

Many believe that the smell of baked goods subconsciously affects a potential buyer’s experience in the home, allowing the buyer to more clearly envision the space as their own.

Another option is to have a smudging ceremony. This Native American practice involves burning a bundle of dried sage leave in order to deflect bad energy and purify the body and home.

When Timing is Everything

No longer just a mindful catchphrase, timing is the source of many superstitions when it comes to buying and selling. Many owners get lost in their calendars, hoping to find the best day to put their house on the market.

When selling a home, Thursday has been known as the luckiest day of the week. But avoid April, July, and November. These are considered the unluckiest months of the year.

Put a Good Word In

Any Catholic will tell you that there is a patron saint for everything. And they’re there for a reason—so you’ll pray to them! St. Joseph is the patron saint of real estate, and for centuries now, he has been called upon to help sell homes across the world.

While the exact origin of this ritual is unknown, homeowners have long since buried statues of St. Joseph in their yards to increase the chances their home will sell. Whether facing the street, toward the house, upside down, or right-side up, burying St. Joseph to sell a house continues to be a respected and even stress-reducing practice.  

Will You Try Them?

The bottom line is you have nothing to lose. When it comes to selling a home, we know there are innumerable stresses and challenges. The last thing you want is to stall your progress with a home that’s gone stale on the market.

Whether you want to revisit the numbers in your asking price or simply knock on wood, your home has to sell some way. Why not give it a nudge? Who knows, you may find yourself calling in a favor to St. Joseph.


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