5 Things to Add to Your Home Selling Checklist

//5 Things to Add to Your Home Selling Checklist
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5 Things to Add to Your Home Selling Checklist

Selling a home is a big undertaking that requires both patience and due diligence. You may be familiar with real estate and home improvement television shows, but the reality can often be very different. Selling your home is a personal endeavor that can have its difficulties and its rewards.

In the same way we create a laundry list or grocery list to stay organized, it’s a good idea to create a home selling checklist.

sell home phoenix azGet out your pad and pen or refer to this article when preparing to stag and sell your home. Because a ‘For Sale’ sign won’t be enough, you may have to roll up your sleeves and get on your knees to get your home up to standard, but the benefits outweigh the dirty work.

Review the following checklist before putting your house on the market; it will help with pictures and open-house presentation. Get your family or friends involved, dedicate a day to the cleanup and call it the “selling house checklist” pizza party, which will entice your family and friends and will make the chore fun. Now let’s get to the list…

  1. Get Real with a Real Estate Agent. 

Think you have what it takes to sell your home? Think again, a real estate agent has many tools that you don’t even have access to, so do yourself a favor and work with an agent to properly sell your home. A ‘For Sale by Owner’ strategy can cost you time and money. Find a real estate agent and do some research on their expertise and success. They should be knowledgeable of the specific market and type of house you own. Meet with them for an interview and ask questions because their answers can save you time and money.

One thing you should definitely discuss with a real estate agent is what kind of fee they charge. Do they charge the traditional commission fee of 6-7% or a flat fee? To find out why you should work with flat fee realtors like Housso, read our blog on the topic.

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2. Exterior Curb Appeal

The first thing prospective buyers will see is the front of your house, and they will judge the rest of the house accordingly. A good curb appeal will entice buyers to see more and step inside. Fix or paint doors and paneling, work on the landscaping, and maybe even park a fancy car in the driveway. These are relatively easy fixes that can be a great investment in your property and a great selling point.

3. Interior Home Appeal

Once they step inside, you’re halfway there. Declutter and depersonalize your home so that buyers can picture themselves in the space. The less you have, the more they see for adding their own personal touches. Perform a thorough deep clean of counters, walls, windows, doors, closets, bathrooms, the garage, and anywhere else they may look. Curious buyers will sneak a peek; so don’t give them something bad to talk about.

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Consider adding plants, they not only create a more welcoming environment, but they add a splash of natural color and bring the outside in. You may also want to add a bouquet of flowers in the entrance or a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, make them feel at home.

4. Touch Up and Paint Up

You may love your colored accept wall(s), but a potential buyer may not and a certain color could turn them off completely. Paint walls a neutral color so that buyers see a blank slate and can envision their own color palate on the walls. While you’re at it, fix broken or loose handles and doorknobs; make the place look and feel move-in ready.

5. Put Your Home On Stage

how to sell house phoenix azMake your home the star of the show and the buyers your audience. Replace old furniture with modern pieces, decorate the living room with a flat screen TV and books on a shelf, and remember to eliminate any unsavory smells or odors from the bathroom and kitchen.

After you sell your house, it will be time to create a ‘buying a house checklist.’ Get to work and have fun!

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