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Moving to Arizona – Essential Checklist for Stress-Free Moving

Moving can be a daunting experience unless you make a plan and prepare. Creating a checklist with the essential items necessary to accomplish a stress-free move is critical. We suggest you make a list, check it twice, and then check it again. Keep in mind that your list can change and evolve, but you want to prioritize the most important items and address them early in the moving process.

Regardless if you’re moving to Arizona from out of state or moving within the state, the following information can help you organize and execute your moving to Arizona checklist. Avoid headaches and costly delays by keeping this checklist handy, you can even print it out and jot down notes and questions as you go.

So, here is our list:

Step 1:

– Before packing your things, decide whether you can make your move with a U-Haul truck or need to hire professionals. Assess your situation and the amount of stuff you have, this will help determine what type of moving help you will need. You’ll also want to determine a move date and time, and then contact the appropriate moving company to get information and a moving quote.

– Create a checklist with an inventory of your items, that way you can determine how much truck space you need and it can help you keep track of your items. Leaving something behind is not something you want to deal with once you’ve arrived at your destination. If possible, downsize by selling or donating items you don’t really need, this will save time and make extra room in the truck.

– Make sure to contact the post office to request a change of address, you can do it in person or online. This is also a good time to notify your bank, doctor, insurance company, and others of your move so they can update their records. To help the transition, research banks, doctors, insurance companies, etc. in the area you are moving to, this can help you get right back into your routine. If you have children, contact your children’s school to request records for their new school district and ask about school programs they offer.

Step 2:  

Moving boxes– When you’ve locked down a date and a moving company, find or purchase moving supplies such as tape, boxes, labels, and moving equipment to help organize your things room by room or person by person. Keeping kitchen items or bathroom items in the same box(s) will help you organize once you unpack. Pack items you don’t use regularly first and pack items you use daily last. Reserving one small box for essential items can help avoid having to dig through bigger boxes to find what you’re looking for. Keep valuables such as jewelry, passports, and files in a dedicated box and with you at all times.

– As your moving date nears, commit to shopping for less food and use all the existing food you have in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer before it goes bad or goes to waste. This will also help with organizing and cleaning your kitchen. The same should be done with bathroom items.

– You’ll want to notify friends and professional organizations about your move. Let your nanny or hairdresser know you’re moving, cancel or transfer any services you need such as gas, electric, telephone, and the Internet. Schedule a date to disconnect services at your old home and a date to connect services at your new home.

Step 3:

– Contact your current and new employer to arrange your work schedule with them. Give yourself enough time off for your move, perhaps even a couple extra days to be less stressed out and allow things to settle. Once you are properly moved out, and in, you’ll have a better transition into your new job and commute.

– While on the road, you’ll want to have access to essential items such as clothes and toiletries. Dedicate one box or suitcase to each person with personal items you’ll need along the way. Include snacks for the road and books or toys to keep the children entertained.  

– Before you leave, do a walk-through of your old place to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind. Look through closets, storage areas, and check the garage. Once you feel everything is packed, make a final call to the moving company to confirm the date and time of your moving reservation. You may also want to have the moving funds ready and available when the move comes so you don’t’ have to make an extra trip to the bank.

With your checklist complete, you can now relax and get a good nights rest before the big move in the morning. Have a good breakfast and bring plenty of water for you and the movers. Enjoy the drive and the Arizona scenery! For more articles like this make sure to visit Housso!

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