What Is Involved in a Whole House Inspection?

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What Is Involved in a Whole House Inspection?

best tempe real estate agentsPlanning on selling your house?  Then you are going to need a house inspection!  A house inspection is a detailed walk-through of your property.  They are done to determine the current value of a house and to locate any repairs that need to be done.  A house inspection may sound quite daunting if you have never gotten one before. But there is no need to worry; we are going to give you a few tips to help you get your next house inspection done right!

Do you have a house inspection checklist?

A house inspection checklist is a list of things you are going to want to take a look at before your actual inspection.  It is in your best interest to thoroughly go through your house before the house inspection to see if you can find any damage or repairs that need to be made.  This is so you can have an idea of the problems you should look for in the inspector’s report and to also help you determine if you have a skilled inspector working for you.  It is also a good idea to do some background checking on your house inspector before you choose one. An inspection can only be done as well as the inspector doing it.

What do home inspectors look for?

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A good home inspector is going to examine your house from top to bottom to determine any repairs that need to be done to bring the house back to ideal living conditions.  They will look at the entirety of the house’s structural components (foundation, roof, walls, etc.), electrical systems, plumbing, air conditioning/heating, insulation and interior to make sure that the house is ready for sale and that the sale price is fair.

How much is a home inspection?

While there is no real industry standard on how the price of a home inspection is calculated, the price is completely dependent on where your house is located and how big your house is.  However, a typical home inspection in the US costs about $315. Bigger houses (bigger than 2,000 square feet) can range from $400 or more. Condos and smaller homes (smaller than 1,000 square feet) usually cost less than $200 to inspect.

Hopefully, these tips help ease your concerns going into your next house inspection.  If you have more concerns about home inspections, are wondering when the best time to sell a house is or have any other questions about real estate, please call us here at Housso!

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