Paperwork and Documents Needed to Sell a House

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Paperwork and Documents Needed to Sell a House

best real estate agents scottsdaleAre you about to sell your house? Well, then you already know that selling a house can be a very busy and stressful experience. There are so many things to do and stay on top of! One of the things that are often swept under the rug and put off for too long, but is still extremely critical to a proper and effective house sale, is getting all of the right paperwork and documents together.

People have a tendency to have trouble keeping track of all of the important details unless we have them written down. And on top of that, the task of keeping track of all of your written notes and documents can be quite difficult in the first place!

However, in order to sell your house properly and efficiently, you are going to want to find all of the correct documents and maintain them in some semblance of order. We will help show you what documents are needed to sell a house right here to help make selling your house a little bit easier!

First things first, you are going to want to make sure you don’t lose or misplace any of these documents. You may have a hard copy for many of these documents. Hard copies should be saved in a safe location such as a locked cabinet or your attorney’s office.

However, for some of the ancillary documents, you can store them digitally or keep notes of where you can easily access them online.

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Important Documents Needed to Sell a House

If you want to sell your house efficiently while avoiding as many problems and hangups as possible, you should always make sure that you have these following documents ready to go. These documents include:

  • The original sales contract (with the purchase price) for your home.
  • Any mortgage or financing documents that are available
  • Any documents that are related to the title or indicate the ownership of the house. Example of these types of documents include:
    • Certificates of occupancy
    • Any property surveys
    • Any certificates that show compliance with zoning or building regulations
  • Any required tax information or records
  • Records of any professional appraisals that occurred when you bought the house or after
  • Any information regarding professional inspections that have been done
  • Any documents about your homeowner’s insurance
  • Any records of improvements, renovations, repairs or maintenance that have been done to the house
  • Any warranty information and/or manuals that you have on the appliances that are going to be included with the sale of your house (such as washing and drying laundry machines)
  • Any documentation that you have regarding a homeowner’s association if you have one in your neighborhood
  • Information on any real estate agents you have worked with regarding the house for sale
  • Any other additional details you think may be important regarding your hose

Once you sign a listing agreement for a real estate agent to sell your house, they usually require some additional documents to make the sale as smooth and quick as possible.

best real estate agents scottsdaleThese documents include:

  • Your listing agreement
  • A file detailing your various communications with your real estate agent
  • Any details and records you have regarding professionals that have worked on your house
  • Any pertinent files regarding your lawyers
  • Any pertinent files regarding your tax professionals and accountants
  • Information on any marketing materials
  • Any purchase offers that have been already made
  • Any other disclosures that may be necessary

If you need help getting these things together or need some additional clarification on the documents needed to sell a house, please contact us anytime at Housso! It would be our pleasure help you get your house sold as quickly as possible with the least amount of a headache.

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