4 Things to Know Before Moving to Arizona

//4 Things to Know Before Moving to Arizona
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4 Things to Know Before Moving to Arizona

real estate agency arizonaSo you’re thinking of moving to the great state of Arizona, you’ve heard about the exotic desert climate, the beautiful sunsets, and the diverse natural landscapes, and want to experience it all for yourself. Arizona offers a variety of different living and working environments to choose from, no city is alike and each corner of the state has its unique features.

Arizona is characterized by mountain ranges, pine forests, and big canyons to the north.

This part of the state features many national parks and receives a significant amount of rain and snow. To the south, the state is characterized by the Sonoran desert with its Saguaro cacti and vast horizons. Choosing where to move is a big decision, and preparing for the move can help you transition easier and more comfortable to make Arizona your new home.

Here is a list of things to know before moving to Arizona:

Moving Season:

Because Arizona is largely a desert, moving to cities, such as Phoenix or Tucson, during the summer months can be uncomfortable because of the extreme heat, but the summer is the off-season and this can considerably reduce your moving expenses.

Due to the arrival of seasonal residents during the winter, this time of year is generally more expensive, which can make it more difficult to reserve moving trucks or rent a place.

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Public Transportation:

Buses cover the majority of public transportation throughout the state of Arizona, but there are also local airports and train routes. Within the city of Phoenix, there is a 20-mile light rail that runs from north-central Phoenix to the city of Mesa with stops in Tempe and downtown Phoenix.

The city of Tucson also offers public transportation; it features a trolley that runs from downtown to the University of Arizona.

Cost of Living:

Arizona has a lower cost of living compared to the national average, but the cost of living can vary greatly between cities and towns. The larger markets will generally be more expensive than the smaller markets and mortgage/rent rates also vary between neighborhoods.

This is important to keep in mind when moving; it’s a good idea to research the general living expenses of places you are considering.

real estate agency arizonaPhoenix is Arizona’s largest market and living costs tend to be more expensive, such as gasoline, utilities, healthcare, and other goods and services. We recommend you make a budget and seek out locations that fit your budget, better now than after you’ve made the move!

For example, a gallon of gas is 10% less expensive in Arizona than the national average and the cost of living index for Phoenix is 95, based on the national average of 100. When it comes to rent, in Phoenix you can expect to pay an average rent for an apartment of $1,027 and the median home value is just over $258,720.

In comparison, the national average rent price is $799 and the national average home price is $192,591.


If you are moving with a family that includes children, then you’ll want to consider the education system. Fining the right school is a big undertaking and can be a big deciding factor, for you and the kids. Arizona offers many school choices; there are more than 30 school districts in the Phoenix area alone.

Things to know before you move include school rankings, campus and district zoning maps, school locations and distance from home, and after-school programs or sports. Search online for school reviews or visit a campus. Arizona offers many public universities including the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Arizona State University.

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